Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Class 1: Exploring SL

Our first class for 'Virtual Environments: Is one life enough?' was on Thursday evening, the 27th of September. Once I had installed Second Life (SL), I created my avatar and identity. Second Life wasn't at all what I had imagined... But I found it to be really interesting from when I began. Once my avatar was created, I was able to teleport to the designated location, which was DIT. A headset was also required for SL, this was so our class could communicate with each other, as well as with our lecturer. It took me a while to adjust to the controls of using my avatar, but once I had learned the controls and figured out how to fly etc, I found it quite manageable. 

Becoming familiar with the control panels in SL.

Practicing my flying skills around DIT campus.

Our lecturer, John O'Connor, began class at 8pm on Thursday evening. At first it was quite silent and barely any talking amongst the class, this was probably because we were all adjusting to SL and still figuring out how to actually use it. John then began the lecture upstairs in DIT. We were all asked to take a seat, which took a while to figure out how, even though it was simply a right click... Once we all took a seat, the roll was called. John then proceeded to talk to us about what this Virtual Environments class entailed, rules and regulations of SL, and an idea of what our assignments may be throughout the weeks. John was very clear when communicating with us and he was understanding to those who were struggling with using SL. When talking to each other, we were able to speak through the headset, or we could chat in a messenger, either a private chat to a particular person, or a public chat with the whole class. For anyone who couldn't get their sound working, John had said that most of what he was saying during the class, was on the DIT module group.

Our task after the lecture was finished, was to explore and visit three different destinations in SL. We were to review each location, state how we came across that destination, state what we liked and disliked about the place, also to describe any interactions that we may have had within each place that we visited.

The first destination that I visited was Copacabana Rio in Brasil. I went to the International destinations category in SL and chose the most popular destination. I was able to teleport there which was quick and easy to do. When I arrived, all I could hear were people talking over each other, having multiple conversations in a different language... When I walked out from where I had teleported to, I first spotted the numerous games that were available to take part in, games like checkers and drawing games that required many players. This was where the majority of the population were in this particular destination.

Checking out the different interactive games that were available.
I thought this was a good way to get interacting with others around. I found this destination to be just like a city centre, full of shops and crowds. It was also quite exotic as it had a beach on the coast of the city, here you could sit on the beach or enter the water if you wanted too. I did like this place, but I didn't feel like there was that much to do other then visit the shops and play the communal games with others.

Standing on the White sand beach, with the city in the back.

The second destination that I teleported to was the Da Vinci Gardens in Kalepa. I thought this place was really cool. It was huge! There weren't many people around there, but there was a lot to do. A lot of attractions to see and museums around there. It was full of notes that you could click on and it would provide you with information about where you were at that stage. I found that flying around the Da Vinci Gardens saved a lot of time when it came to exploring the area. There were relaxing pools that you could sit in, there was a lot of nature, most that you could buy.. Like a swan or a parrot. There was also a big pirate ship around the island, which had the option of purchasing it if you wanted too.

I found it cool that I was able to fly to different parts of the island and each part contained something different and interactive. I was able to sit down and play the piano in the middle of the island. I also flew up to the top of a tower that was around the Da Vinci Gardens. Each building had a different look and style to it which I found really interesting. The Da Vinci Gardens was one of my most favoured places that I have visited since beginning a life in SL.

Taking in the scenery throughout the Da Vinci Gardens.

Taking a break from exploring, to sit down and play some piano.

The third place that I visited, wasn't too far from the DIT building. I went exploring to see what was around the campus and came across The Galleries, Georgiana. The gallery itself was quite big with a good few floors. There was a ballroom where you could dance if you wanted too. The building was surrounded by docks and yachts, which was really nice to walk around. As I walked around, information was popping up at me about the different works of art within the Galleries.

Visiting The Galleries, not far from campus.

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  1. Really good start to your blog and you found some interesting places to visit. Great photos too. Well done!